Engaging students in the process of fundraising for schools

f your school is hesitant to sell candy or other sweet treats, try selling candles instead!

Candle fundraisers allow your school to collect up to 70% of the profits made from selling the sweet-smelling candles that everyone knows and loves.

You can even get orders individually packaged so that you and your students don’t have to worry about breaking any of the jars during delivery.

With seasonal options as well, candles provide your school with a great fundraiser that makes people’s homes smell delightful.

Team Fundraising

Online team fundraising for schools platforms are perfect tools to support and promote your school’s fundraising events! Start a campaign to raise funds for your big fall festival, or promote your project page at your next PTA meeting. Digital tools and live events make great partners, so get creative.

Plus, with a platform like Edco, you’ll have fundraising for schools access to the funds you raise. Get started planning your next big campaign today!

Parents’ Night Off

Sometimes parents just need a break. You can invite your student’s parents to enjoy a night off to raise money for your school. For this fundraiser, you’ll need a place to drop off the children and volunteers to watch them.

Partner with a restaurant where parents can have fun and eat a delicious meal. If you’re convincing, you can even persuade the restaurant to donate a percentage of the night’s funds to your school.

Student Art Gallery

From elementary school students to college undergraduates, there are talented artists among every student body. So why not show off their skills and make a bit of money at the same time with a student art gallery?

Send out a call for submissions among your fundraising for schools and select a dedicated venue (like your gymnasium or auditorium) where their pieces will be displayed for friends, family, faculty, and the community. Charge a small entry fee at the door and be sure to offer refreshments within the venue.

To maximize profits and engagement even further, you could even give attendees the chance to buy the artwork being showcased at your event!